Read By The Author with Lindsey Sparks

S3.5 Ep4: WORLD AFTER by Lindsey Sparks and Lindsey Pogue (chapters 8-10)

February 22, 2023 Lindsey Sparks Season 3 Episode 23
Read By The Author with Lindsey Sparks
S3.5 Ep4: WORLD AFTER by Lindsey Sparks and Lindsey Pogue (chapters 8-10)
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3.5 of Read By The Author, where bestselling fantasy romance authors Lindsey Sparks and Lindsey Pogue read World After, the prequel to their dystopian fantasy romance series, THE ENDING LEGACY.

Stay tuned for season 4, which will continue the ECHO TRILOGY with Dissonance.

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A princess with a secret. An outlaw on a mission. A kingdom on the brink of collapse...

The Ending Series was just the beginning. Three centuries later, this is their legacy.

Princess Delphinia knows her mother, the queen of the Corvo kingdom, is up to no good. Del can feel it in her bones, and she's determined to uncover the truth. When her search for answers leads her to a mysterious chest filled with artifacts from the distant past--from the world before--she realizes her mother's nefarious actions are more deeply rooted than she ever could have imagined.

Finlay Cartwright's people have been hunted since the world collapsed after The Ending. An outcast in hiding, he's trained all his life for the day the Corvo kingdom would come for them. The queen, however, has other plans. When the man who raised Fin is taken, Fin will stop at nothing to save his people. But the lines between friend and foe are blurred when a castle servant girl on a mission of her own offers to help Fin with his rescue.

World After is the prequel to a riveting new series in the world of The Ending, The Ending Legacy. If you like unique dystopian worlds, coming-of-age transformations, star-crossed romances, and a hint of Fantasy in your Sci Fi, then you'll love this page-turning adventure.

Want to find out what happens next, but don't want to wait for the next episode?
World After is available in ebook and paperback from all major book retailers - and libraries, too! Audiobook coming soon!
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